Ms Nidhi Prakash


MSc - Dietitics / Nutrition, PGCDE (Diabetes Education), Certificate in Food and Nutrition

8 Years Experience as a Dietitian/Nutritionist 

About Mrs Nidhi Prakash

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Mrs Mallika Majumdar


MSc - Food Nutrition & Dietetics.

Master Diploma In Hospital Management.

Experience of More than 10 Years as a Dietitian/Nutritionist 

About Mrs Mallika Majumdar

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Ms Neelam Agarwal


Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics Health n Nutrition (VLCC Institute)

Post Graduate Diploma in. Nutrition n Health Education (IGNOU)

Providing Nutritional Consultation since last 7 years


About Mrs Neelam Agarwal

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Shirley Hui Shang Hsue


B. Sc. Food, Nutrition & Dietetics, Mangalore University, 2011

Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education, IGNOU.

Experience Of More Than 7 years


About Shirley Hui Shang Hsue

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